Investment loan

Investment loan

These loans finance investments, fixed asset purchases, and equipment upgrades for the purpose of supporting business expansion, technological upgrades, profitability and product quality improvements.
  • Amount Up to 20 percent of the Bank’s capital shall be calculated in MNT or its equivalent in foreign currency
    Interest rate* (yearly) MNT 16.80% – 19.20%
    USD 15.60% – 18.00%
    Annual percentage rate (yearly) MNT 17.26% – 19.68%
    USD 16.32% – 18.73%
    Term Up to 60 months
    Loan application fee MNT 10,000
    Service fee 0.50% – 1.00% / Take once from the approved loan amount/

    • If the term is up to 12 months, it is equal to 0.5 percent of the approved loan amount
    • If the term is more than 12 months, it is equal to 1.00 percent of the approved loan amount
    • Be a Mongolian citizen or an entity registered in Mongolia that runs business operation in the territory of Mongolia
    • Been stably running the business in the last 12 months and continue to pursue it
    • Satisfy the financial ratios at an appropriate level as it is the bank criteria
    • Collaterals shall meet the bank’s collateral requirements
    • Shall not have any outstanding past due loans
    • Shall not have any history of loans from banks and NBFIs classified as non-performing
    • Others
  • For citizens:

    • A copy of the notarized citizen identification card (applies to a person whom the loan is jointly received)
    • Loan request
    • Loan application (From the banking sector)


     For entities:

    • Loan Application
    • State registration certification of business entity and company charter
    • Special operations license
    • Resolution from Board of Directors, and minutes of Shareholders’ meeting evidencing the authorization of loan application
    • Original or notarized copy of ID card of the authorized personnel and 1 passport-sized photo taken within the last 6 months
    • Documents of the property to be pledged as collateral
    • Audited financial statements, financial statements confirmed by the taxation office, and other documentation for proof of income and expense
    • Documents evidencing the intended use of the loan, related agreements
    • Proof of loan history, loan agreements and payment records of the past 3 years

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  • 1000000

    Your loan calculation

    Monthly payment

    Salary amount (45%)

    Down payment

    Loan amount

    Loan interest rate /per year/

  • 10000

    Calculate your savings

    The money you saved

    Total interest


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