How to take part in “Vitamin ₮” campaign?

Golomt Bank has announced “Vitamin ₮” campaign to make customers have savings and support financial immunity. In framework of the campaign, 25 customers have been winners in two time matching. And the winners won prizes such as smartphones, electric scooters and purchase vouchers. The next draw will take place on Friday, September 11, and the next winners will be announced. In this regard, we are informing our customers about how to participate in the campaign.

1. About the campaign period, lottery conditions and the prize?

“Vitamin ₮” promotion campaign will run from July 20, 2020 to December 20, 2020. During this period, 1 lottery will be awarded for every 100,000 MNT newly opened and your savings as well as 1 lottery will be awarded for every 200,000 MNT renewed savings.

The super winner of the campaign will be the owner of “Nissan Leaf” electric car, and the match will be announced live on October 10, 2020 and December 26, 2020. The other prizes will be announced live on Golomt Bank’s Facebook page and Ikon News twice a month. For each live, the winners of Mi Electric electric scooter M365, Huawei P30 smartphone, Amazfit Stratos 3 smart watch and purchase vouchers will be announced and a total of 122 customers will be winners.

2. Does the campaign include all types of savings?

The campaign includes all types of MNT deposits such as Golomt Bank’s “Term deposit”, “National savings program”, and “Altantulkhuur” children’s deposit. However, it does not include foreign currency and demand deposits.

3. How do you know if you have a lottery and how many you have?

As a customer, you can enter with your registration number and phone number which is registered with the bank into “CAMPAIGN” → “SAVINGS” menu on the website and you will receive a confirmation code. With the code you received, you can get the campaign information. If you do not receive confirmation code, please check the phone number registered with the bank is correct. Moreover, if you send a registration number and confirmation code and it says “Your registration number has not been found”, it means that there is no lottery for you yet.

4. When will the lottery number information revealed on the website?

Lottery number information will be posted on the website every 2 days. In other words, if a customer has made a deposit today, they will be able to see their lottery number the next day.

5. Do I have to go to the branch in person to participate in the campaign?

In the promotion campaign, you can not only open a new deposit, add income to your savings and renew your deposit by visiting the bank in person, but only through internet banking, smart banking application and SocialPay.

Just like you increase your immune system from the right rhythm of life and vitamins, you can become a winner by participating in this campaign to support your financial immunity by saving.


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