International transfer

International transfer

Through the international SWIFT networking system, Golomt bank is cooperating with a highly rated financial institution in the world and delivering a trustworthy and fast service on international payment issues of our customers in 14 different currencies.
  • Currency Fee OUR* G-OUR**

    US dollar

    Up to USD 5,000 20,000 MNT USD 30 0.1% from the remitted amount

    Minimum USD 50
    Maximum USD 250

    USD 5,000.01 – 100,000 30,000 MNT
    More than USD 100,000.01 40,000 MNT
    Chinese yuan Up to CNY 50,000 5,000 MNT CNY 100
    CNY 50,000.01-100,000 10,000 MNT
    More than CNY 100,000.01 20,000 MNT CNY 200
    Euro Up to EUR 5,000 15,000 MNT
    • Up to EUR 10,000 – EUR 10
    • More than EUR 10,000.01 – EUR 20
    EUR 5,000.01-100,000 25,000 MNT
    More than EUR 100,000.01 35,000 MNT
    Japanese yen*** 15,000 MNT To correspondent banks:

    • Up to JPY 5,000,000 – JPY 2,500
    • More than JPY 5,000,000.01 – JPY 0.05%

    To other banks:

    • Up to JPY 5,000,000 – JPY 5,000
    • More than JPY 5,000,000.01 – JPY 0.1%
    British pound 15,000 MNT GBP 15
    Switzerland franc*** 15,000 MNT CHF 15
    Korean won*** 15,000 MNT KRW 20 000
    Russian ruble*** 15,000 MNT No fees
    Australian dollar*** 15,000 MNT AUD 30
    Canadian dollar*** 15,000 MNT CAD 20
    Hong Kong dollar*** 25,000 MNT HKD 200
    Singapore dollar*** 25,000 MNT SGD 30
    New Zealand dollar*** 25,000 MNT NZD 30
    Turkish lira*** 20,000 MNT TRY 250

    *OUR: The remitter is responsible for the first intermediary bank charges only.

    **G-OUR:The remitter is responsible for all intermediary bank charges.

    ***Additional fee shall be charged to the transfer of cash deposit by following currencies.

    Currency Fees
    RUR, KRW 1.50%
    TRY 1.00%
    AUD, CAD, SGD, HKD, NZD 0.60%
    CHF 0.50%
    JPY 0.15%
    Other currencies Free of charge
  • You can receive international payments to your Golomt bank’s current, savings, and card accounts, in the following 14 currencies:

    USD – CNY – EUR – JPY – KRW – RUB – GBP – CHF – AUD – CAD – SGD – HKD – PLN – TRY

    We suggest you to receive your international payment with the similar currency as your current or savings account, to avoid exchange rate risk.

    In order to avoid any delay of your transaction, please ensure to instruct your ordering customer to provide correct and full detailed information.

    When receiving an international payment, following fees are charged.

    Golomt bank SWIFT code: GLMTMNUB

    Conditions Fees 
    Cash withdrawals or depositing into Savings accounts USD 0.30%
    RUR 1.50%
    CNY 0.25%
    AUD, CAD 0.60%
    SGD 0.50%
    JPY 0.40%
    Other currencies 0.30%
    To current and card accounts Free of charge
    Inbound payment cancellation

    15 USD

  • Question Answer
    1 How many days does it take for a foreign transfer to be credited to the beneficiary’s account? Foreign remittances are sent in 1-3 working days through the correspondent bank or the transmitting bank. Depending on the recipient’s bank, it is transferred to the customer’s account in different periods.
    2 Is it possible to make foreign transfers on weekends? Please note that weekend transactions are transferred the next business day.  Clients can make transactions through the following channels. It includes:

    • Internet banking
    • Branches that operate during weekend.

    Location: /

    3 What is IBAN number? IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number and contains important information such as the customer’s bank, country and account number. Bank accounts in a total of 73 European countries have switched to IBAN, and transactions to these countries require the recipient’s account to be an IBAN.
    4 Is it possible to track the status of foreign remittances? Clients can monitor the status of foreign transfers through Internet banking or by showing their transaction receipt at nearest branch of Golomt bank.
    5 In what cases are foreign remittance take too long to transfer into beneficiary’s account? The following factors are responsible for the late arrival of your foreign transfer to the beneficiary. It includes:

    • Depending on the country and bank where the transaction is being made, the transaction date may be delayed.
    • If the transaction is made through a third party or additional bank, the transfer time between the bank could
    • In cases where the value of the transaction and the address of the sender and receiver are not clear, the transmitting bank may request additional information from the source bank and the customer, and the time for the transaction to be credited to the beneficiary’s account may be delayed.
    6 Can a foreigner transfer money to a foreign country? Every registered client of Golomt Bank can transfer money to foreign countries.
    7 Are there any considerations when transacting to a foreign country? Please note the following depending on the country of remittance.

    • Check the bank’s SWIFT code and IBAN number on the relevant web page and match it with the bank’s name;
    • According to South Korean law, for KRW currency transactions:
    • Individuals cannot accept KRW currency transactions of more than USD 20,000.
    • Organizations can accept KRW transactions of more than USD 20,000 and require additional information such as contracts and invoices related to the transaction.
    • KRW and JPY currency transactions will not be carried out in fractional amounts;
    • In the case of CNY currency transactions to ABOC cards, the recipient’s phone number must be entered, and the value of the transaction cannot be a personal transfer;
    • According to Chinese law, an individual can receive a total of USD 50,000 worth of foreign exchange transactions per year;
    • JAPAN POST BANK accepts only USD currency transactions;
    • Banks require SWIFT and BSB code for AUD currency transactions transfered to Australian banks.
    • RUB transactions to Russia require the following additional codes as required by the bank (SWIFT codes are not required):
    1.   БИК number – 9 digits
    2.   ИНН number – 10-12 digits
    3.   BO code – 5 digits
    4.    КПП number (optional) – 9 digits
    • For foreign transfers to other countries, the receiving bank’s SWIFT code is mandatory.

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